Dr. Barbara Piscitelli Full Review
Rapunzel’s Supermarket:All About Young Children and Their Art by Ursula Kolbe

I remember first speaking with Ursula Kolbe about her idea for this book a few years ago. I sat on my front verandah and listened as Ursula excitedly told me what she had in mind. I am so glad she took the time to make this book about the complex world of young children and art – it is a truly pleasing book full of wise comments, practical ideas, fascinating images and artistic insights.

This is an ingeniously designed book, which readers can dip into at random. It is a collage of words, drawings, lists, photographs, fine art and poetry – gathered from various sources and composed into a satisfying and involving volume. Each component of the book is interesting in its own right: the whole is exceptional as a picture of children and adults exploring ideas together.

Ursula is a fascinating writer who shares ideas about how to interact with young children, how to set up the environment, how to look at children, and how to encourage visual awareness.

Rapunzel’s Supermarket: All About Young Children and Their Art is destined to become a classic because it fulfils all the qualities of an enduring reference:
• the message is timely and universal – stressing the competence, knowledge and desires of children;
• the theoretical base is sound and explained in everyday language;
• the images are excellent illustrations of the key messages; and
• the practicalities are child-centred and thoroughly described, with many helpful lists and tips.

Read, use and share this wonderful book. It is bound to inspire you and change the way you see young children and their art.

Reviewed by Dr. Barbara Piscitelli, School of Early Childhood, Queensland University of Technology. In Every Child, Vol 7, No 4 Spring 2001. Reproduced with kind permission from the author and the Australian Early Childhood Association, Inc.