“I love the title. It opens the reader’s awareness to the idea that drawing is a process. This book gives teachers and families an important role to play in the drawing lives of young children.”
Margaret Brooks, Artist and Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Education, University of New England

“The author has listened closely to many children and skillfull teachers and caregivers, and gives us a look into the kinds of things knowledgeable grownups do if they want to help children experience the joys of art. This book will refresh teachers long in the classroom, and awe teachers just beginning. But it helps you get past the awe to what to do. It’s a practical, inspiring book, and you will be enriched by it.”
Sydney Gurewitz Clemens, Early Childhood Consultant and Writer

Understanding how and why children draw is at the heart of this book. To be invited to share this understanding is a gift to all grown-ups who enjoy the unique insights embedded in children’s drawings. Teachers, parents, indeed anyone whose lives connect with the world of children – cannot fail to be inspired by the wisdom found in It’s Not a Bird Yet: The drama of drawing.
Christine Stevenson, Artist and Educational Consultant

“A total pleasure to read. Portrays the all-important social dimension of drawing – how children share ideas and solutions with one another. A triumph of writing. Bravo!”
Barbara Piscitelli, Arts and Education Consultant

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