Building on her enormously popular book, Rapunzel’s Supermarket: All About Young Children and Their Art , Ursula Kolbe takes an in-depth look at the rich possibilities of drawing. Filled with engaging anecdotes that illustrate the often-overlooked social dimension of drawing, It’s Not a Bird Yet offers new ways of looking at drawing. Superbly illustrated, this Reggio-inspired book celebrates drawing as a powerful tool for thinking and imagining.

It’s Not a Bird Yet:

  • Takes us beyond traditional accounts of developmental stages and gives insight into how children playfully use drawing for various purposes
  • Shows children investigating topics collaboratively over periods of time, brainstorming ideas through drawing and using drawing as a springboard for work with other media
  • Highlights the joys of ‘learning to see’ through observational drawing
  • Looks at uses of the photocopier, overhead projector and computer as well as simple cut-outs to extend drawing
  • Discusses how you can assist when children ask for help
  • Provides an extensive section on materials, tools, techniques and resources.

For all who live and work with children 1 1/2-8 years.

“A total pleasure to read. A triumph of writing. Bravo!”
Barbara Piscitelli, Arts and Education Consultant

“With precision she presents children’s creative moments in simple but elegant ways, thus allowing children’s voices and drawings to communicate the most important messages.”
Christine Stevenson, Art Education Consultant and Diane Duvall, Coordinator Resource & Advisory, Lady Gowrie Centre

“A practical and inspiring book … you will be enriched by it.”
Sydney Gurewitz Clemens, Early Childhood Consultant and Writer

“A wonderful range of suggestions on how we can support children’s many different drawing efforts without drawing for them, being prescriptive or using a formula. In linking drawing to play it provides a model for ways we can respond to drawing.”
Margaret Brooks, Artist and Lecturer in Early Childhood Education, University of New England

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